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About FREE Partnership/Affiliate Program

A quick lesson about affiliate programs…

Affiliate Programs are time-tested partnerships that began in
the mid-90's with such internet greats as Amazon.

Sharing Transformations is a FREE affiliate program
to MAKE MONEY simply by Sharing Transformational products.

The three people in an Affiliate Sale...and it's so Simple:

  1. Affiliate (YOU)
  2. Merchant (ME)
  3. (YOUR) Customer

Affiliate (YOU) register and put banners on your website* (embedded with your special affiliate-tracking code) that links to Merchant's (ME) site.

Every time (YOUR) Customer purchases any product (after clicking thru your banner or visits my site for 90 days), your automated, affiliate-tracking code earns YOU up to a $99 commission!

Immediately upon each sale, our automated system sends you an email and your private affiliate page allows you to instantly track your commissions.

For you to get paid quickly and to maintain eco-integrity,
I set up paperless-payment directly to your FREE PayPal account.

PayPal was founded in 1998

94 million people use PayPal

Your money is Safe & Secure

Told you it was simple and only takes a few minutes to set up!

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56 Years Young!

I ONLY Share Transformations
that get

...if they work for me, they''ll work for YOU!
with love and & light...
honoring our namaste.

Sharing Transformations

We support you financially by helping
others look beautiful and feel empowered
while honoring each other and the earth.

Mission: Affiliate Program with
successful, time-tested products that
Expand personal Consciousness

Amazon popularized Affiliate Marketing
This video answers the questions:
What is Affiliate and How to Affiliate